Learn to Love EP

by Squirrel Shaped Fish

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Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Michael Govaere at Downbeat Studio, Chicago, IL August, 2013


released February 7, 2014

All songs written by Caleb Knight and Drew Irwin

Drew Irwin - Guitar + Vocals
Caleb Knight - Drums, Vocals + Keys
Parker Langvardt - Bass

Harmonica on Hotel Monteleone - Gabriel Meneses
Group Vocals on Hotel Monteleone - Parker Langvardt, Zach Pollack, and Estelle Boudot

Artwork by Nick Cummins

Squirrel Shaped Fish are Drew Irwin, Caleb Knight, Parker Langvardt, and Tong Kupatavetin



all rights reserved


Squirrel Shaped Fish Lansing, Michigan


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Track Name: Learn to Love
from the first glimpse you saw
you've been wasting your days in a maze
and the person you are really wants to go far
but you must change your ways

so hang on
we'll make it
stay strong
we'll shake it

if you've been looking for a good time
in all the wrong places
if you've been waiting on a good sign
from all the wrong faces

you could get smart, get out
while you're still breathing
free your heart from the doubt that you've been believing
your hands won't shake if you don't get nervous
and your feet never fail when you walk with purpose

so stand up
on your own two feet
learn to love
the good and the bad, everything that you see

it doesn't matter
let go
i don't know
Track Name: Envy of the Sun
you shine bright, envy of the sun
i bet you could shoot the moon

are you thinking of me?
i’ve been thinking about you
are you thinking of me
i've been thinking of you
the whole day through

we were made to burn like stars in the sky
and we were made to sit and wonder: why, why, why?

show me the place where the lights lay low
show me the way and we’ll go, go, go
Track Name: The Observant
out of all the worlds i see
i have chosen yours
there’s nothing left to know
turn down your mind, and open up your soul

we had a moment,
was it even true?
or just smoke and mirrors
playing tricks on you

out of all the words you said to me,
i hear: “you are the one I’ve been looking for,”
but you must not know how we all create
extraordinary explanations for constellations
to satisfy our appetite for getting high

how are we, how are we supposed to live this way?
Track Name: Blind Shake
don’t go south the border,
you won’t get out alive
if you’re crossin the waters,
leave your flowers behind

i don’t know why
i don’t know how
i don’t know where we’re gonna go
but that’s fine

you and i are free

have no fear
everything will be alright
we will return
could not tell you when

buy us some time
you know we need it

everything will be alright
Track Name: Keep Your Head Up
after-hours at your window
if you’d like we could pretend
close your eyes and let your self go
we’ll find a place to start over again

i think we’ll find what we’re looking for
keep your head up

everybody knows your story
first it’s good and then it’s bad
caught up in your rise to glory
you never notice where you’re at

so tell me you love me I’ll believe it
i’ll hold you tight until the end
and whenever you’re worried I’ll relieve it
no matter where you go I’ll be your friend

if you say you're not happy here
it's never enough
i think we'll find what we're looking for
keep your head up
Track Name: Hotel Monteleone
come inside my love
take your time
we ain't got no plan
we’ll make it up as we go

hotel monteleone
i would like to call you my home
fall in love with a ghost
and never question why

please forgive me for moving to the city
i won't let it get the best of me
and if i do not let you down, if i do not drown
i promise you, one day i will come home again

right or wrong
it's in our blood to go far
whether you will or you won't, you do or you don't
depends on who you are
all night long
down at the carousel bar
we'll spin around and around and around
until we hit the floor